13 Reasons Why Ross Butler Makes Us Sweat

13 Reasons Why Ross Butler Makes Us Sweat13 Reasons Why Ross Butler Makes Us Sweat
When he’s not fighting off a bizarre court case, Ross Butler can be seen on the hit Netflix drama series “13 Reasons Why.”
The 28-year-old former “Riverdale” star was born in Singapore to a Chinese-Malaysian mother and British-Dutch father before pursuing a career as an actor in Los Angeles, where he says he does not like to take on stereotypical roles.
“I can’t go out for these roles, I’m just not built for them. I’m 6’3 and athletic. I can’t play a nerd or a Bruce Lee type of character,” Butler told Salon in an interview.
Apart from exuding a magnetic charm on and off screen, here are our 13 reasons why we’re madly in love with Ross Butler:
1. He likes to keep his body in shape.
2. So he can look like this…
3. He has quite the refined palate.
4. He’s an animal lover. The dog is all of us right now.
5. Looking for a travel buddy?
Or hiking partner? Ross has you covered.
Such a breathtaking view.
6. He’s well-read.
7. He can shred the guitar. And tickle the ivories.
8. He supports other Asian Americans trying to break the Hollywood mold.
9. He cherishes his friendships.
10. His fashion sense is fresh AF.
11. He looks like a snack with scruff.
12. He has a great relationship with his mom.
13. And most importantly, he can rock a bowl haircut like it’s nobody’s business. A true 90s kid.
Images via Instagram / rossbutler
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