Man Hurls Racial Slurs at Stop Asian Hate Rally in Canada

Man Hurls Racial Slurs at Stop Asian Hate Rally in CanadaMan Hurls Racial Slurs at Stop Asian Hate Rally in Canada
A man was filmed yelling anti-Asian slurs at a Stop Asian Hate rally in Richmond, British Columbia on Sunday.
What happened: The man hurled anti-Chinese slurs at members of the local Asian community, which organized the rally to raise awareness on anti-Asian hate and encourage cross-cultural dialogues to fight racism.
  • Ivan Pak of the Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Concern Group told CTV News that the man had “a heated argument” with one volunteer by the end of the event.
  • Patrick Lui, another volunteer, filmed the man’s meltdown and posted it on his Facebook account.
  • In the video, the man can be heard saying, “If you want to still live like you are in China, stay in China. Eat your Chinese food…I am angry at the Chinese culture.”
  • At one point, he also said “you’re no different than any other culture, you’re not special and you give that impression.”
  • A white bystander then stepped in to question the man, who eventually left the scene.
Investigation ongoing: Richmond police confirmed that the incident at Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line station has been reported and is now under investigation.
  • It appears it was not the first time the man has targeted Asians, according to Richmond News.
  • Footage from June 2020 shows that he vented to a Taiwanese group in Downtown Vancouver, saying that immigrants are expected to “accept Canadian culture” because they are “no longer living in Sheng Gin or Bing Bing or Ding Ding.”
  • The man in the video later wrote an apology, explaining that his “unwarranted and racist remarks” were rooted in his advocacy against birth tourism in Richmond.
  • Richmond City Councillor Chak Au, who attended Sunday’s rally but left before the incident, called it “absurd” and encouraged witnesses in similar situations to stand up for victims.
  • A petition is urging Richmond police to press charges on another anti-Asian incident in March, which was highlighted on Sunday’s rally.
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