Florida rep. apologizes for joke about Kristi Noem eating dog with Kim Jong Un

Florida rep. apologizes for joke about Kristi Noem eating dog with Kim Jong UnFlorida rep. apologizes for joke about Kristi Noem eating dog with Kim Jong Un
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Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz has apologized for his post on X joking about South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem wanting to eat dog with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
Key points:
  • The Democratic lawmaker made the remark on X on Monday, in response to a “CBS Mornings” interview where the Republican governor discussed her upcoming memoir “No Going Back,” in which she wrote about killing her family’s “untrainable” dog, and falsely claimed to have met Kim while serving as a congresswoman.
  • Moskowitz wrote in his now-deleted post on X, “Why am I getting the feeling that she wanted to eat dog with Kim Jong Un?”
  • Moskowitz took down the post and apologized after being called out by Politico reporter Nicholas Wu on X.
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The details:
  • In a statement to Politico, Moskowitz noted that his remark was “a joke about [Noem] and [Kim] – 2 people, no one else.” He added, “I took the post down as I didn’t want it to be misconstrued and offend the broader community. I condemn those stereotypes and would never want to feed into them.”
  • The interview touched on Noem’s shooting of her 14-month-old wirehaired pointer after a failed hunting trip and “aggressive behavior” and her false claim about meeting Kim, the latter of which she is requesting to be removed from her book.
  • Moskowitz’s now-deleted post is a reference to an Asian stereotype about Asians and dogs. The South Korean Parliament passed a bill in January that effectively bans selling or producing of dog meat.
  • Reps. Andy Kim (D, NJ-3) and Marilyn Strickland (D, WA-10), the only two Korean American Democrats in the House of Representatives, thanked Moskowitz for owning up to what he did. The two lawmakers wrote in a joint statement, “While we appreciate our colleague standing up to GOP extremism, we cannot perpetuate harmful stereotypes in the process. We thank Rep. Moskowitz for apologizing and taking down his tweet.”
  • Moskowitz was embroiled in controversy over a since-deleted social media post in March, in which he juxtaposed a wide-eyed Joe Biden with a picture of Sydney Sweeney. The cropped image reportedly implied that Biden was staring at the “Euphoria” actor’s cleavage.
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