Racist Teens Vandalize Asian American Headstones at Brooklyn Cemetery

Racist Teens Vandalize Asian American Headstones at Brooklyn CemeteryRacist Teens Vandalize Asian American Headstones at Brooklyn Cemetery
Three racist teens were caught on video desecrating headstones and mausoleums with Asian names at a cemetery in New York.
Security footage in Cypress Hills Cemetery revealed how the still unidentified men went about defiling and damaging over 40 headstones, reports CBS New York
According to NYPD, the group, described to be around 16 to 19 years old, entered the cemetery grounds at 833 Jamaica Ave. in Brooklyn shortly around 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday.
The men reportedly toppled down headstones and spray painted racist remarks on them. Police have noted that many of the derogatory messages were directed at tombs with Asian names.
One headstone with the last name “Chew,” was spray-painted with the phrase, “This dick yo.”
Headstones with all Asian characters on them were tagged with the phrases like, “Fuck Jackie Chan,” and “Ching Chong”.
Other derogatory words like “N—er,” “I hate sand N—ers,” and “Fuck NYPD” were also seen scrawled in many of the tomb stones.
The perpetrators also destroyed several marble stones placed in front of 15 of the mausoleum vaults.
The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force, which is currently investigating the crime, found some indecipherable phrases also spray-painted in the cemetery.
Investigators believe that the randomly written words “Big Mac”, “DirtiFace” and “Damo” may provide help in identifying the suspects as they could be possible monikers used by the boys.
The men were also observed to be using their phones to take selfies and other photos during the activity.
By Wednesday, cemetery workers had repaired much of the damage the teens caused, reports DNA Info.
“We had about 70 stones that were knocked down, which are all back up. We’re trying to get a lot of cleanups done so we can move on,” Stacey Cullen, the cemetery’s director of operations, was quoted as saying.  “I think they came in and just wanted to do some damage.”
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