Racist Letters Sent to At Least 3 Asian-Owned Salons in California

Racist Letters Sent to At Least 3 Asian-Owned Salons in CaliforniaRacist Letters Sent to At Least 3 Asian-Owned Salons in California
Several copies of a racist letter saying “go back to your nasty sh*thole country” have been mailed to Asian business owners around California this month.
Top 10 Nails, located in Riverside, received one of the copies on Sunday.  
Jackie Vu, who manages the family business, created an Instagram post about the letter.  
“This sh*t is not okay,” Vu wrote. “It’s one thing to say hurtful things in passing, when I can ignore the ignorance. But WTF you sent me a letter?”
Vu addresses the racist letter in an Instagram video. Image Screenshot via Jackie Vu (@iamjack3d)
The letter referred to “all Asians” as “nasty, ugly, smelly, disgusting, pancake face, stir-fry cockroach eaters, dog/cat eaters, toe nail cleaners [and] raw monkey brain eaters.”
In addition to demanding that they leave the States, the anonymous writer also told the business owners to display the letter in their shops for their customers and employees to see.
“Most of your customers feel this way… They just have to pretend to like you,” the letter said. “But no one can stand how ugly, smelly and disgusting you are!
“Get the f*ck out of U.S.!”
Image via Jackie Vu
Vu was born and raised in the U.S. Her mother — the first person to see the letter — was a war baby from the Vietnam War.
“My mom is a strong woman, she never lets anything get to her. The woman used to get bullied growing up as a mixed kid in Vietnam for goodness sakes,” Vu told NextShark. “I still haven’t called my Grandma yet, I feel like it would break her heart to know what has occurred.”
Vu said it took a “split-second” before she decided to post the letter. She wanted to bring awareness and “wasn’t going to get bullied into silence.”
“It’s not okay,” she added. “We all belong here. Hate doesn’t solve anything. We won’t stay silent. I won’t. This has got to stop. Only good will come out of this letter. Peace.”
All Polish Nails and Spa in Healdsburg and another Asian-run nail salon in San Bernardino County also appeared to have received copies of the same letter.
Vicky Mai, who owns All Polish Nails and Spa, received the letter on Monday. She initially worried about a possible negative impact, but she is thankful to have received support from her local community.
“The local people are so wonderful here,” Mai told LAist. “They make appointments, and they call me and they send in emails.”
The Riverside Police Department is currently investigating the letter. In a statement to NextShark, Public Information Officer Ryan J. Railsback described the letter as “disgusting” and “completely unacceptable.”
“Over the weekend, the nail salon contacted our police department to report they found a very hateful and racist letter in their mail. The letter itself was not addressed to anyone specific and just to ‘To All Asian,’ but the envelope was addressed to the business,” Railsback said.
“We do not have any leads as to who has sent these letters but we do encourage any other businesses or community members to contact their local law enforcement agency if they receive the exact or similar letter, or any perceived threats against them.”
This letter follows another racist note sent to a grieving widow in Seal Beach. The handwritten message, which is now under investigation, was delivered to the woman’s retirement home, according to KTLA.
“Now that Byong is gone makes it one less Asian to put up with in Leisure World. You fricken Asians are taking over our American community,” the letter said. “Watch out! Pack your bags and go back to your country where you belong!”
Feature Images via Jackie Vu (@iamjack3d)
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