Video: Man verbally abuses South Asian pizza delivery worker

Video: Man verbally abuses South Asian pizza delivery worker
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Michelle De Pacina
18 days ago
A video of a customer in Canada verbally abusing a pizza delivery worker with racist slurs has gone viral on social media.
Key points:
  • In a self-recorded and -uploaded video, a customer films his dispute with a delivery man, who appears to be of Indian descent, regarding payment. In the video, the customer can be heard spewing racist slurs.
  • The video has since been shared to X and has sparked outrage online, with many condemning the customer’s behavior as unacceptable and racist.
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The details:
  • In the now-viral video, the male customer, whose face is not shown, can be heard calling the delivery man “dummy” and mocking his accent while asking him to contact his workplace after paying cash without receiving change. 
  • Despite the worker’s attempts to remain calm, the customer insults him further, calling him a “f*cking goof” and a “stupid brown guy.”
  • The worker suggests alternative payment methods, but the customer dismisses him. He then proposes a solution to retrieve change and deliver the food, but the customer still refuses. The video ends with the worker leaving the scene while the customer continues to hurl insults.
  • The video has since garnered over 2 million views on X, with viewers condemning the customer’s behavior and expressing sympathy for the delivery worker. One user wrote, “No one deserves to be treated like this. I hate nuisance influencers,” while another said, “One of the worst displays of a human. If this is a nuisance creator, then any negative or unwanted attention he receives is justified.”
  • Some social media users have also called on the Peel Regional Police in Ontario to take action against the racist customer, noting that he should be arrested for harassment
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