The voice behind Moro in ‘Princess Mononoke’ is an absolute legend

The voice behind Moro in ‘Princess Mononoke’ is an absolute legendThe voice behind Moro in ‘Princess Mononoke’ is an absolute legend
A behind-the-scenes clip of recording sessions from the production of Studio Ghibli’s 1997 film “Princess Mononoke” has gone viral on Twitter.
In a clip taken from the 1998 documentary “How Princess Mononoke Was Born,” Akihiro Miwa, the voice of Moro, goes through multiple takes to find the perfect tone for the wolf god’s mocking laugh.
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After Miwa’s first take, Hayao Miyazaki, the film’s director, says, “I want this ‘hahaha’ to have a strong impression.’” Taking his direction, Miwa says, “Well, I have plenty of laughs to choose from, so I’m not quite sure which.” In his third attempt, Miwa’s forceful, menacing cackle causes Miyazaki to sit up straight in his chair with excitement and say “Oh my god! I love it!”
Twitter users were quick to note the infamously grouchy director’s energetic reaction to Miwa’s performance.
“Managing to please Grumpyazaki himself requires tremendous talent indeed,” wrote one user.
“Seeing Miyazaki 25 years younger is so strange … Seeing him smile and laugh is almost more unusual,” commented another.
Miwa is an accomplished Japanese drag queen, actor and singer, whose acting credits also includes Arechi no Majo, or the Witch of the Waste, in “Howl’s Moving Castle,” another Studio Ghibli production. Having survived the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, when he was 10-years-old, the 87-year-old drag queen rose from working as a singer famous for his androgyny to become a successful performer in the Japanese entertainment industry who still works to this day.
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