‘Pokemon’ officially dead on Nintendo Network as final player logs out

‘Pokemon’ officially dead on Nintendo Network as final player logs out‘Pokemon’ officially dead on Nintendo Network as final player logs out
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The last player remaining on the “Pokemon X and Y” server has reportedly logged out, signaling the official end of “Pokemon” on the Nintendo Network.
Key points:
  • A user on X, @GaffsNotLaffs, who constantly updates the status of the last remaining players on the Nintendo Network, announced on Wednesday that the games final user, only identified as Amanda, “has disconnected,” noting that “Pokemon is finally dead on the Nintendo Network.”
  • Nintendo Network was Nintendo’s defunct online service for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii u. The service was discontinued on April 8.
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The details:
  • In a reply to another user, @GaffsNotLaffs claimed that a family member saw Amanda’s 3DS sitting open and “thought they would be helping if they closed it for her.”
  • The X user noted that there are now six known remaining players on the Nintendo Network: Fishguy6564 and Gearworks (Marioiscool246) on “Mario Kart 7”; Lcd101 on “Splatoon”; Omoroid and Eeveh-roo-deh on “Xenoblade Chronicles X” and Slitherysheep on “Mario Maker.”
  • Fishguy6564 and Gearworks are seemingly working together to keep the “Mario Kart 7” game afloat on the Nintendo Network by allowing bots to race in their lobby. Fishguy6564 has been livestreaming the entire effort on YouTube since May 1.
  • The group’s efforts have been ongoing for over 30 days now, surpassing the same effort that “Halo 2” fans made in 2010 when they held onto the game on the original Xbox servers for 25 days.
How people reacted:
  • Many X users under @GaffsNotLaffs’ posts are expressing sadness at what happened, with one user writing, “Rip Pokemon 3DS. It was a good time, but now it’s gone.”
  • Meanwhile, one user compared the events to a melancholic end-of-the-universe scenario, writing, “This is like watching the last stars burn out before the heat death of the universe.”
  • “It’s been a lot of fun doing this run with you, Amanda. Thank you for making it this far,” one user commented.
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