‘Pokémon’ 25th-anniversary video celebrates Ash’s journey ‘across the land searching far and wide’

‘Pokémon’ 25th-anniversary video celebrates Ash’s journey ‘across the land searching far and wide’‘Pokémon’ 25th-anniversary video celebrates Ash’s journey ‘across the land searching far and wide’
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The Pokémon franchise took to Twitter with a special video commemorating 25 years of the anime series. 
The video shows main protagonist Ash (Satoshi in Japan) and the numerous Pokémon he has caught along his journey across Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola and Galar since the animated series first aired in 1997.
The highlight video features Ash’s Pokémon in catch order, but not shown is his temporary Haunter that he left with gym leader Sabrina or the Raticate he held briefly from a trade on the S.S. Anne. The Beedrill caught in the bug-catching contest that he gives to trainer Casey is also not shown. 
The video puts Mr. Mime, the psychic housekeeping assistant belonging to Ash’s mother Delia, in the Kanto region section, although Mr. Mime did not join Ash’s team officially until Galar.
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Included on his Johto team in the video is Larvitar, a baby Pokémon Ash temporarily had in his care and was tasked with returning to its mother Tyranitar on Mt. Silver. Larvitar wasn’t officially a part of Ash’s team, nor did it compete in official battles. 
Ash’s Pokémon are mostly shown in their primary stages as they were when caught, their full evolutions not depicted. Ash’s most current team of Pikachu, Dragonite, Gengar, Lucario, Galarian, Farfetch’d and Dracovish are given the most screen time.
The video is accompanied by the first anime opening song of the Japan series, “Mezase Pokémon Master” sung by Rica Matsumoto, the Japanese voice actor for Ash.
Ash has accomplished quite a lot in his 25 years as a perpetual 10-year-old. He’s beaten down legendaries, caught mythical Pokémon and ultra beasts, triumphed over rivals, bested the Battle Frontier, received his first kiss from a female travel companion and, after 20 years, became a champion by winning the Alola league.
His animated journey still continues, as he is currently competing in the World Coronation Series in “Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series.” Teasers show he is set to have a reunion with his battle bond Greninja and fan-favorite and Sinnoh region rival Paul while also squaring off against opponents in the masters rank of the tournament like fire-type elite four member Flint, dragon gym leader Raihan, dragon master and Kanto-Johto champion Lance, Sinnoh champion Cynthia and Galar champion Leon. He most recently made history by defeating his first-ever elite four member, dragon master Drasna of Kalos.
It has not yet been revealed what role Ash may have in the upcoming anime based on the newly announced Scarlet and Violet main series games.
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