Pledis Entertainment launches new boyband TWS

Pledis Entertainment launches new boyband TWSPledis Entertainment launches new boyband TWS
via HYBE Labels
Pledis Entertainment, now part of HYBE Labels, has launched a new K-pop group called TWS, with a new album releasing this month.
Who are TWS: Comprising of members Shinyu, Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon and Kyungmin, TWS is a boy band that embraces a musical style they call “boyhood pop,” characterized by a blend of gentle melodies with cheerful energy, reported Korea Joongang Daily. The name TWS, pronounced “to us,” is an acronym for “Twenty-four seven With Us.” 
TWS marks Pledis Entertainment’s first boy group in nine years since Seventeen‘s debut in 2015. 

Years in the making: After being hinted at by Pledis back in 2022, the group finally launched its official social media accounts and dropped their first teaser in Dec. 2023. Pledis then revealed the official lineup of six members and confirmed their debut for Jan. 2024. A group profile video, released on Jan. 3, introduced all six members before individual videos were released the next day.

First single unveiled: On Jan. 2, TWS unveiled its first digital single “Oh Mymy: 7s” as a pre-release for their debut mini-album “Sparkling Blue,” which is set for release on Jan 22. The single was showcased in a video in which the members are seen performing in front of industry giants Sung Soo-Han of Pledis Entertainment, Bang Si-hyuk of HYBE, and Bumzu.

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