Pizza Hut Japan piles more cilantro on ‘Too Much Coriander’ pizza

Pizza Hut Japan piles more cilantro on ‘Too Much Coriander’ pizzaPizza Hut Japan piles more cilantro on ‘Too Much Coriander’ pizza
via Pizza Hut Japan
Pizza Hut Japan reintroduced its uniquely popular “Too Much Coriander” pizza, with the chain promising to add even more cilantro to put on top.
Key points:
  • Pizza Hut Japan announced in a press release on March 21 that fans of the pizza could order the limited-edition product until April 14.
  • The pizza is topped with prawns, tomato sauce and yangnyeom sauce, so customers can “fully enjoy the charm of coriander,” according to the pizza chain.
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The details:
  • To satiate extreme cilantro lovers, Pizza Hut Japan also released an “upgraded” version of the cilantro pizza with 200% more toppings, dubbed “Pakuchi Sugite Kusa Koete Mori” or “The Forest Beyond Too Much Coriander Herb” in English.
  • The added cilantro comes in a separate container to keep it fresh for customers.
  • The regular cilantro pizza and the upgraded version is only available in medium size at 507 Pizza Hut stores across Japan. The pizzas are priced at 2,480 yen ($16) for the regular variant and 2,980 yen ($20) for the extra cilantro variant.
  • In addition to the comeback announcement, Pizza Hut Japan also unveiled a social media campaign where 15 lucky lottery winners could take home a “Yami’s coriander soy sauce.”
How people reacted:
  • Fans who have been waiting for the cilantro pizza’s return since it first came out in 2023 were delighted by the news, with one Instagram user commenting, “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”
  • “I missed it last year, so I want to enjoy it,” another eager fan wrote.
  • “Pizza Hut is the best after all,” one fan commented, praising the fast-food chain.
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