Filipino man fights back python snake by biting it to death

Filipino man fights back python snake by biting it to deathFilipino man fights back python snake by biting it to death
via Facebook/DYRD Bohol ang Kasaligan
A man from Bohol, Philippines, survived a python attack by fighting back and biting it to death. 
What happened: Boljulio Aleria, 48, reportedly encountered a large reticulated python while riding his motorcycle in Antequera at around 2:00 a.m. local time. The snake attacked him, coiling around his waist in an attempt to constrict him. In a desperate move, Aleria bit the snake’s neck, tearing off chunks of flesh until it loosened its grip. 
“I thought I was going to die if I didn’t fight back. And I thought that my only chance was to bite its neck so it would loosen a little bit. I bit it until its skin peeled off. And when the skin peeled off, I bit on its flesh. It was only then that it loosened,” Aleria recounted in an interview with local media station DYRD
Update on Aleria: After freeing himself, he called authorities for help. Aleria was hospitalized in Tagbilaran City for snake bite injuries. Although his wrist continues to ache, he mentioned that he is currently recovering and feeling better. 
His next meal?: The python was later cooked for a meal by residents, according to Aleria. 
Reticulated pythons, which are considered the world’s longest snake, are non-venomous constrictors that are native to South and Southeast Asia, including Myanmar, Philippines and Malaysia. Although it is rare, reticulated pythons have been known to kill and eat humans.
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