The Internet is Going Crazy Over This ‘Shock Clock’ That Will Zap You Awake On Time

A new startup is redesigning the alarm clock into a wearable device that literally shocks its wearers to wake them up.
The company behind the clock, Pavlok, guarantees its tested sensory input on its wearable devices can change a person’s behavior and lifestyle habits. The Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer is based on the idea of classical conditioning that Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov used on dogs to train them to reflexively respond to a stimulus.
The Shock Clock utilizes three sensory stimuluses including a vibration, a beep and then a zap to wake its wearers up.
Though the mild electric zap is not painful, the company says it can be unpleasant. Their website reads:
“The electrical stimulus is carefully designed so that it is enough to be uncomfortable, but not so strong that it hurts. It’s a lot like a static shock you get when you touch a doorknob after rubbing your feet on the carpet.”
The idea is to create a negative association with any behavior or bad habit a user is trying to break. The unpleasant zapping sensations will train their brain to dislike negative behaviors and promote good ones. For example, it can be used to help with mindless eating, nail-biting, smoking and more.
The wristband uses bluetooth and is compatible with iOS and Android apps. Features on the Shock Clock include multi alarms, a snooze lock, an accountability option and sleep cycle analysis. The snooze lock uses motion tracking to know when the user is out of bed. There is also an accountability feature that notifies friends and gives them the ability to zap a wearer if they’re still in bed.
The price for the Shock Clock is set at $199. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Shock Clock has raised over $175,000 on an initial goal of just $1,000.
Founder Maneesh Sethi is the author and entrepreneur behind the Hack the System website. He had previous success with the first Shock Clock app that raised over $280,000 in 2014 on Indiegogo. 
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