Tourist sparks outrage for saying Singapore is ‘dirty,’ ‘smells like garbage’

Tourist sparks outrage for saying Singapore is ‘dirty,’ ‘smells like garbage’Tourist sparks outrage for saying Singapore is ‘dirty,’ ‘smells like garbage’
A foreign tourist has sparked outrage in Singapore over offensive remarks he made about the country and a local 7-Eleven employee.
The tourist, who goes by the handle @youcancallmehubby on TikTok and was reported to be a Romanian OnlyFans creator named “Mario,” made the controversial comments in now-defunct videos, which were reuploaded by local media outlets.
It’s unclear when exactly @youcancallmehubby filmed and posted the videos. In one video, he criticizes Singapore for banning smoking in public before declaring that the country is “dirty as f*ck.”
“The first thing that annoys me [is that] this is a f*cking smoke-free country, not just [at] the park,” the tourist complains. “Where the f*ck should I smoke, where?”
“They pretend they have a f*cking clean country. The country isn’t clean, it’s dirty as f*ck,” the tourist continues, pointing to the Singapore River. “Which color is it? Exactly. All the rivers and lakes are this color, and the sea is exactly the same color. This is not a clean country.”
The tourist then complains of “smells” that supposedly reeked all over the country. He also claims that locals “don’t use perfumes.”
“It smells terrible everywhere, like garbage. Terrible everywhere,” @youcancallmehubby said.
“For a country so evolved on cosmetics, what’s up with the [lack of] perfumes, guys? You’ve to walk a few miles to find a good perfume… it’s terrible.”
In another video, the TikTok user complains about an “Indian” 7-Eleven employee who allegedly gave him the wrong pack of cigarettes. While filming, he bobs his head from side to side and mocks the unidentified staff member’s accent.
“That bitch gave me menthol [cigarettes]. I asked for slim cigarettes and she gave me menthol cigarettes,” the tourist claims. “I’m gonna have a mental breakdown, I swear. Thank god I’m leaving Singapore tomorrow…”
After the tourist’s expletive-laden vitriol, social media users demanded that he return to his country.
“Bro complain so much just leave the country lah. Just go back to your own country,” one Instagram user wrote.
Another commented, “Firstly, there are places where you can smoke. But like this park, probably not to avoid inconvenience to other people. Secondly, I think our sea is cleaner than the one he showed. Not sure if it is a river or part of a sewage system. Thirdly, the perfume one, I feel like it’s his own personal problem. Not sure why he is complaining.”
“Your English is bad. Get the hell out of Singapore,” another wrote.
Meanwhile, one YouTube user commented on the reuploaded 7-Eleven video: “Guy comes from a country where they literally sell their women via mail orders. Cannot say much about this sort of person’s honour or integrity if he treats women that way.”
“When you grow everything else than your brain then this is how you behave,” another wrote.
The TikTok user has not posted an apology as of this writing. However, he did post a video on Sunday of his bare feet with the caption “Mistakes are inevitable! You can only grow stronger if you learn from them!” The video’s description is hashtagged “#peaceout,” “#dontspreadhate” and “#leadwithlove.”
Featured Image via @sg.incidents / @youcancallmehubby
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