Olivia Munn garners both praise and backlash after taking son to his first Asian market

Olivia Munn garners both praise and backlash after taking son to his first Asian marketOlivia Munn garners both praise and backlash after taking son to his first Asian market
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Olivia Munn and her partner, John Mulaney, recently took their 13-month-old son, Malcolm, to his first Asian market during a wholesome family trip
Munn, 42, documented the trip on Instagram over the weekend.
In her recent post’s caption, the Asian American actor shared that this was the “first trip to the Asian market” for Malcom, whose middle name she revealed was Hiệp in late 2021. Although Munn did not reveal the location’s name in the caption, she mentioned in a comment that the video was filmed at an H Mart.
The 23-second video, which is set to Meghan Trainor’s viral hit “Made You Look,” starts with Munn walking down an aisle of the market while carrying Malcolm.
The “Tales of the Walking Dead” star then brings Malcolm to the live seafood section, where he gets to see fish, lobsters and other animals in their tanks. Shortly after that, he points in another direction, and the video shows the packed seafood corner of the store.
Munn and her 40-year-old stand-up comedian partner take turns carrying their child during their visit to the market. In one part of the video, Mulaney can be seen carrying Malcolm and showing him some packaged items.
The last part of the video shows Munn letting her son pick up an item from a shelf. He accidentally drops it on the floor as his hand is still too small to grip it properly.
Several Instagram users have commented on Munn’s post, which has already received over 1 million views and 73,000 likes.
I love that you are exposing him to cornerstones of your childhood & his his [sic] heritage,” one user wrote.
Argh, guys stop being such a cute family. K, thanks,” another user said.
While most fans praised the wholesome family trip, others reportedly criticized Munn for letting her son see live animals that would eventually be killed for food.
Asian market, where you can find lots of dead animals ando [sic] look them suffer. What a trash,” one Instagram user commented, while another said, “How traumatizing. Way to teach him how we treat wildlife. Gross.”
Please make your son and yourself + family #GoVegan. For his health, for the animals and for our environment/the earth. Thanks,” another user wrote.

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