‘Oldboy’ director Park Chan-wook to produce period thriller ‘War and Revolt’ for Netflix

‘Oldboy’ director Park Chan-wook to produce period thriller ‘War and Revolt’ for Netflix‘Oldboy’ director Park Chan-wook to produce period thriller ‘War and Revolt’ for Netflix
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South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook, known for movies like “Oldboy,” “Decision to Leave” and the upcoming HBO series “The Sympathizer,” has teamed up with Netflix for his latest project, “War and Revolt.”
The plot and cast: “War and Revolt” centers around two childhood friends-turned-enemies in a war taking place during Korea’s Joseon dynasty. Gang Dong-won, credited with works like “Broker” and “Peninsula,” portrays the enigmatic Cheon-young, a man who possesses exceptional martial skills that defy his origins as a slave.
Starring opposite Gang is Park Jeong-min, who worked with Park on “Decision to Leave.” He will play Jong-ryeo, Cheon-young’s former master who hails from Joseon’s prestigious military lineage. Upon successfully completing the military service exam, Jong-ryeo assumes the role of King Seonjo’s personal guard. This pivotal position sets the stage for a deeply emotional reunion between the two former friends.
The production: Park co-wrote and produced the thriller. The movie is directed by Kim Sang-man, the filmmaker behind “Midnight F.M.,” and produced by Moho Film, which has worked with Park before on “Decision to Leave” and “The Handmaiden.” 
Other cast members: The film boasts a star-studded ensemble cast, including Cha Seung-won from “Blood Rain,” Kim Shin-rock from “Hellbound,” Jin Sun-kyu from “Space Sweepers” and Jung Sung-ill from “The Glory.”
Cha plays King Seonjo, a monarch who initially abandons his people in the face of the Japanese invasion but later endeavors to reclaim his reputation and authority in the aftermath of the war.
Meanwhile, Kim portrays a resilient member of the civilian militia who fearlessly challenges societal conventions. Jin plays a civilian militia leader descended from the traditional ruling class whose presence amid the chaos of the invasion becomes a beacon of inspiration. Finally, Jung portrays an imposing Japanese warlord who astutely recognizes Cheon-young’s extraordinary swordsmanship skills.

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