NYU Student Accidentally Offers Lube to Classmates Thinking It Was Hand Sanitizer

NYU Student Accidentally Offers Lube to Classmates Thinking It Was Hand SanitizerNYU Student Accidentally Offers Lube to Classmates Thinking It Was Hand Sanitizer
A New York University freshman’s re-enactment of an embarrassing incident involving a bottle of lube has gone viral on TikTok.
Social lubricant: In the clip, 18-year-old student Andrew Huang narrated how he shared lubricant with other students thinking it was hand sanitizer.
  • Huang said he mistakenly placed someone’s bottle of Astroglide in his bag.
  • He accidentally “lubed” five other first-year students he came across that day to be friendly and helpful during the pandemic.
  • He reportedly noticed that something was off when they rubbed the liquid in their hands.
  • When Huang checked the bottle’s label to see if the sanitizer was expired, he was shocked to see it was lube.  
  • The blunder worked for Huang who later became friends with some of his “lube victims.”
  • Realizing the hilarity of the situation, he documented it via a short video and uploaded it on TikTok.
  • Many TikTok users expressed how they found the incident amusing in the comments section.
Slippery slope: Huang explained to BuzzFeed News that he thought it was a kind of “NYU-branded hand sanitizer bottle” as its labeling matched the university’s color. 
  • “Some people on TikTok think that my intention was to steal the bottle,” he explained, “but I genuinely thought it was mine and that it just fell out of my bag or something. I always usually carry hand sanitizer in my bag so I assumed it was mine.”
  • According to Huang, fellow NYU students reached out to him after the post went viral, including those he accidentally lubed.
  • “I became close friends with Terrance — one of my lube victims — after the whole incident, and then I met my friend Jonathan through Terrance,” he was quoted as saying.
  • He also met other new friends who reached out to him through Instagram after finding his TikTok video. 
  • To avoid any potential friction, Huang warned others to please “check the label” of hand sanitizer bottles before pouring them out to strangers.
  • Still, Huang says he is thankful that it happened, noting that, “If it weren’t for this TikTok, I wouldn’t have met my friend group here at NYU.”
Featured Image via Andrew Huang
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