Hayao Miyazaki finally reveals who No Face is in ‘Spirited Away’

Hayao Miyazaki finally reveals who No Face is in ‘Spirited Away’Hayao Miyazaki finally reveals who No Face is in ‘Spirited Away’
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After nearly 23 years, Japanese auteur Hayao Miyazaki has finally revealed details about No Face, the mysterious but iconic character from “Spirited Away.”
Driving the news: The new details emerged through live X posts from the program “Kinyo Roadshow” (“Friday Roadshow”), NipponTV’s prime Friday night movie slot.
“There are many people like No Face in our midst…it’s the type of person who wants to latch on to others but doesn’t have a sense of themselves. They are everywhere,” one of the posts citing Miyazaki, who directed the film, stated, according to SoraNews24.
No Face appeared in Studio Ghibli’s 2001 film “Spirited Away,” which earned Miyazaki the Academy Award for best animated feature. “Kinyo Roadshow” added that No Face’s sense of self constantly changes depending on the things and individuals it encounters.
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About No Face: No Face, known in Japan as Kaonashi, is a tall, humanoid-shaped spirit who is nearly transparent and wears a white mask with a stoic expression. He only communicates by grunting or moaning until he consumes another entity to gain their personality and voice before releasing them unharmed. The character’s mysteriousness has left fans with many interpretations of what he is or what he represents, such as loneliness and abandonment.
What fans are saying: Several Japanese fans found Miyazaki’s revelation of No Face details “deep.” One said the director’s comment about many people being like No Face “reflects a universal theme that people can resonate with.”
Meanwhile, one fan found a possibility in what Miyazaki said, writing: “If that’s the case, No Face could potentially become the strongest depending on the people or groups it encounters.”
Another fan took the time to reflect on themself. “I see. It seems like there might be a No Face inside me as well,” they wrote.
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