‘OMG’: A NewJeans x McDonald’s Korea collaboration is happening

‘OMG’: A NewJeans x McDonald’s Korea collaboration is happening‘OMG’: A NewJeans x McDonald’s Korea collaboration is happening
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NewJeans and McDonald’s Korea have teased an upcoming collaboration.
On Saturday, the McDonald’s Korea Instagram account posted a red background with the word “Attention” written in yellow, pixelated text. The post’s description asks, “#Can_you_guess?” 
Netizens quickly realized the word “Attention” was in reference to NewJeansdebut song of the same name. Additionally, the 8-bit style matches the K-pop girl group’s trademark ’90s and Y2K aesthetic. 
A follow-up post features an animation of McDonald’s Golden Arches in the shape of bunny ears. 
More posts include a pixel art image of a McDonald’s meal and an 8-bit burger bun with a voice clip of someone saying “Crispy.” The description of the latter post includes the hints “Attention,” bunny, burger and “ENFP.”  
Many online guessed the bunny motif to be a hint at NewJeans’ bunny mascot, Matoki. Meanwhile, “ENFP” could be NewJeans member Danielle’s Myers-Briggs personality type. 
The awaited reveal came in a recent post with all five NewJeans members — Hyein, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Minji — together in front of the Golden Arches with “NewJeans x McDonald’s” in the description.
One last post shows a clip in the style of an 8-bit video game with Matoki trying to find “Crispy” before it cuts to the NewJeans members standing outside a McDonald’s. 
It is unclear what the exact collaboration is, but some fans speculate that the teasers hint at a crispy chicken sandwich meal of some kind. As with most McDonald’s collaborations, special packaging and merch may be involved. 
McDonald’s Korea’s collaboration with NewJeans will be officially released on March 2 in South Korea.

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