Boba cakes: Now you can have your boba and eat it too

Boba cakes: Now you can have your boba and eat it tooBoba cakes: Now you can have your boba and eat it too
As boba drinks have risen in ubiquity, businesses are bringing a new boba-inspired treat to the culinary stage: boba cakes.
Drinkable boba cake: In Singapore, buttercream cakemaker Miss Glutton is going viral for its drinkable boba cake. Made with bubble tea-flavored whipped cream and marshmallow fondant, the cake has a hidden cup of boba tea inside its center.
“We don’t just like bubble tea, we LOVE it to be in our cake!” the Instagram-based business wrote in a post featuring their best-selling boba tea cake.
The smiley boba cakes are also topped and surrounded with boba pearls. According to Mashed, the owner also includes fresh fruits like mango, kiwi and pineapple in each of the cake’s four tiers.
Nutella Boba cake: In Westminster, California, an Asian-inspired tea shop called Hok Tea has also created their very own bubble tea-inspired cake: a Nutella boba cake with boba pearls inside. 
The lava-like pastry is infused with milk tea and served with layers of buttercream frosting. It also features toasted marshmallow and Hershey’s chocolate. 
Hok Tea also reportedly serves ube boba cake, which is covered with a layer of ube cream cheese.
“The idea of the boba cake originated in Asia and became very popular,” Hok Tea told FoodBeast. “We always want to create a unique product that seems to represent both Western and Eastern culture. From there we came up with an idea to merge both cake and boba together.”
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