‘It will cost over $2 million’: MrBeast shares progress video of his real-life ‘Squid Game’ recreation

‘It will cost over $2 million’: MrBeast shares progress video of his real-life ‘Squid Game’ recreation‘It will cost over $2 million’: MrBeast shares progress video of his real-life ‘Squid Game’ recreation
American YouTuber MrBeast has captured netizens’ attention with his real-life version of “Squid Game.”
MrBeast’s version: On Oct. 11, Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast to his social media followers, shared a TikTok that said he would create a real-life “Squid Game” if his video received 10 million likes. “It’s in your hands tik tok,” Donaldson captioned.
  • The platform’s users reached the goal after two days. On Oct. 13, Donaldson released an update on TikTok with the announcement. He invited viewers to follow his account, saying that the contestants for his “Squid Game” recreation would be chosen from among his followers.    
  • On Oct. 15, he dropped a photo of his “Squid Game”-inspired hoodie and shirt on Twitter with the caption, “I’m inviting 100 random people that buy this hoodie/shirt to compete in my recreation of Squid Game! Only available for 48 hours at http://shopmrbeast.com.”
  • “We are doing this drop because our Squid Game video is looking like it will cost over $2,000,000 (easily our most expensive video) and I need help paying for it 😅,” Donaldson added. “All the $ we make will go towards the video!”
  • He also teased his followers by tweeting questions such as, “In my version of Squid Game, how should I do the tug of war game?” On the same day, he replied to his tweet, saying, “Nvm I figured it out. This is gonna be wild lol.”
  • On Nov. 3, the YouTuber shared a first look at his “Squid Game” sets on Twitter. “The Squid Game sets are coming together! Wish the 456 contestants good luck next week 😈,” he captioned. 
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  • His tweet consisted of three images. One photo shows him painting a replicated wall that viewers will recognize from the series’ first episode, which features the game “Red Light, Green Light.” In another photo, he sits on a massive swing that resembles the one seen on the playground set featured during the dalgona game. In the last photo, Donaldson stands in the middle of what appears to be the village set featured during the marbles game scenes. 
  • Donaldson’s latest Twitter update was a time-lapse video of the show’s “Red Light, Green Light” set coming together with the caption, “Recreating Squid Games is costing more than I thought it would but I’m in too deep to stop now lol.” 
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Donaldson’s main YouTube channel has over 74 million subscribers, and his TikTok has over 27 million followers. He is known for his expensive stunts and for giving large amounts of money to strangers. Donaldson has not announced when or how his recreation of “Squid Game” will take place. 
Featured Image via MrBeast
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