16 Over-the-Top Mooncakes to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

16 Over-the-Top Mooncakes to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival16 Over-the-Top Mooncakes to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival
During Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) Chinese people across the globe enjoy a delicious tradition — mooncakes to share with family and friends while celebrating the moon. Mooncakes are traditionally filled with either red bean or lotus paste along with an egg yolk. There are many variations such as matcha, custard, or chocolate to accommodate more modern tastes. However, in recent years we have been seeing brands get truly creative with their cakes, varying from ridiculously extravagant to absurdly weird.
Here are some mooncakes that you might wish or not wish to have:

KFC Spicy Chicken Mooncakes

Looks like The Colonel wanted to craft some cakes too. Who knows, maybe they’re finger-lickin’ good?

Louis Vuitton Mooncakes

Designer mooncakes for designer taste. The presentation is incredible. I hope unlike the Neverfull bag, we can get full from these cakes!

Green Common Plant-Based Vegan Mooncakes

Image via Green Common
It’s common knowledge that mooncakes are pretty caloric. They are by no means an everyday food. Companies like Green Common have introduced a new breed of health-conscious mooncakes that we can feel less guilty about. Their new flavors include Figs with Pistachio & Oat and Mixed Nuts with Blueberry & Purple Sweet Potato.

Gucci Mooncakes

Is that a chest of treasure? Mooncakes? Okay, same thing. Gucci made sure their box would leave us starstruck.

Hennessy Snowskin Mooncakes

Image via The Good Stuff
Yes, you can get litty off of mooncakes. Hennessy is offering a special Mid-Autumn Festival package with a handle of Henny, moon-shaped ice molds, coasters, a cocktail book, and two Hennessy-infused mooncakes.

Oreo Mooncakes

Western snack meets Eastern tradition.

Audemars Piguet Piano-Finished Mooncake Cabinet with Shadow Puppet Display

Dinner AND a show.

Lady M’s Mooncake Lantern

Beloved cake Boutique Lady M teamed up with Netflix this year to craft a beautiful mooncake box that doubles as a lantern. The box celebrates Netflix’s upcoming animated film, “Over the Moon”.

Starbucks Coffee Mooncakes

Coffee with Caramel and Hazelnut, Lychee Black Tea, Pandan Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk, and Salted Caramel Chocolate.

Tiffany and Co. Mooncake Train

All aboard for cakes and class!

Ferrari Mooncakes

When these mooncakes come in their own Ferrari but you’re still driving a 2003 Honda Civic.

Dior Mooncakes

It’s like opening the doors to a mooncake Narnia.

Hermès Bunny Astronauts

Hermès’ box pays homage to the myth of moon goddess Chang’e. She had a rabbit companion with her on the moon.

Versace Mooncake Chest

It looks like it could be a beautiful antique!

Godiva Chocolate Mooncakes

Uhm, yeah, can I get one of these for my free chocolate of the month?

Durian Truffle Mooncakes with 24k Gold Bar

Image via Shopee
So just so you know, these mooncakes come with a 24k gold bar. Durian AND gold.
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