Video: Wash your hands — and smartphone — at McDonald’s in Japan

Video: Wash your hands — and smartphone — at McDonald’s in JapanVideo: Wash your hands — and smartphone — at McDonald’s in Japan
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A video of a phone cleaning station at a McDonald’s in Japan has gone viral.
Uploaded to Twitter by Sho Sawada (@shao1555) on Oct. 26, 2022, the video shows a sink with a phone cleaning station. As Sawada places his phone into a designated slot, the phone is lowered into the counter and then sterilized via UV light rays. Within seconds, the station ejects Sawada’s phone, cleaned and ready to be used.
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“Recent McDonald’s has not only a hand washing area but also a smartphone washing area,” Sawada wrote in his tweet.
Sawada’s video has received over 5.2 million views and 63,100 likes as of this writing.
The phone cleaning station, named WOSH, was created by the Japanese company WOTA, according to My Modern Met. 
WOSH uses a hydrological cycle system and deep ultraviolet lights to sterilize phones up to 99.9 percent in 30 seconds, reusing more than 98 percent of its water.
With concerns regarding cleanliness in recent years, WOSH can be installed into any wash basin, allowing simultaneous disinfection of both your hands and phone.
Several companies throughout Japan have added WOSH installments to their establishments. McDonald’s, which installed the system at their Urawa Misono branch in Saitama prefecture, has reported that customers have enjoyed the new addition. Additionally, the system has reportedly aided communication between them and the branch’s employees.

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