Margaret Cho calls for trans characters in Disney films: ‘It’s a move towards the future’

Margaret Cho calls for trans characters in Disney films: ‘It’s a move towards the future’Margaret Cho calls for trans characters in Disney films: ‘It’s a move towards the future’
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Legendary comedian, actor and activist Margaret Cho recently shared that she wants to see more LGBTQ+ characters in Disney films.
While promoting her new Disney+ movie “Prom Pact,” Cho, 54, was ecstatic when The Times of India asked her about LGBTQ+ Disney protagonists.
“I would love to see them everywhere,” she shared. “I would love to see trans characters and different types of people in roles of Disney Princess, Disney Prince and Disney everything.”
“I think this would be really important and it’s a move towards the future. It’s a move towards who we are. I think it’s really admirable and really exciting,” she continued.
In “Prom Pact,” Cho plays witty, sarcastic counselor Ms. Chen, an openly queer character who helps Mandy Yang (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) as she tries to get into Harvard University.
Cho told The Times of India that it is “really amazing” how the students in “Prom Pact” look up to her character, adding that she loves how the LGBTQ+ community is represented in the movie.
I think it’s very real and something that is important to recognize,” she said. “We are everywhere in society. So this is just another example of that where I think we belong.”
While talking about the inspiration behind her character, Cho told The Times of India that she turned to her aunties and the queer parts of her family.
For me, I was looking to the aunties in my life and everybody who was there on the sidelines supporting me, especially the queer parts of my family. I grew up in the queer community, so that for me was a real homage to this character.”
Cho, who also stars in the 2022 Hulu film “Fire Island,” has long been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and the body positivity movement.
Speaking to NextShark in June 2022, Cho noted that the world of comedy has changed since she started her career in the 1980s. She shared that back then, white comedians could say racial slurs and tell harmful jokes about Asians, Asian Americans and gay people without any repercussions.
Now, in comedy, the dominant voices are really people who are queer, people who are Asian American,” she said. “This is a really different time.”
Prom Pact,” which stars Cho, Lee and Milo Manheim, was released on Disney+ on March 31.

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