Man’s $460,000 Lamborghini May Be Destroyed for Scrap After Illegal Race in Singapore

Man’s $460,000 Lamborghini May Be Destroyed for Scrap After Illegal Race in SingaporeMan’s $460,000 Lamborghini May Be Destroyed for Scrap After Illegal Race in Singapore
An Indonesian man’s $630,000 Singapore dollars ($462,589) Lamborghini could be scrapped after it was forfeited to the state following its owner’s previous involvement in illegal racing.
Singapore court decided to forfeit the exotic vehicle, which was bought under the name of the company owned by the parents of Indonesian traffic offender Kevin Pratama Chandra.
Lawyer Rajan Supramaniam explained that the forfeited Lamborghini could either be auctioned off or it could even be scrapped, according to Straits Times. Chandra’s parents expressed their disappointment over the court’s decision, but Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Zhongshan explained that the penalty was mandatory under Singapore law.
As for the 24-year-old traffic offender, he pleaded guilty on July 17 for taking part in illegal racing activities and for dangerous driving. In addition, Chandra was also fined $1,500 Singapore dollars (about $1,101), jailed for two weeks and was prohibited from driving for 18 months.
However, Chandra wasn’t the only one caught during the illegal racing bust that occurred in Seletar Link at around 11:30 p.m. on May 8, 2015. Singapore authorities also arrested 37-year-old food and beverage manager Koo Kwok En for racing against Chandra with his wife’s Nissan GT-R.
The two vehicles made an unauthorized U-turn on Tampines Expressway towards Seletar North Link before Chandra signaled to begin the race, with people cheering on the side of the road.
Authorities revealed that both Koo and Chandra reached speeds of up to 219 kilometers per hour (136 miles per hour) in their respective sports cars, which was beyond the 60 kmh (37 mph) speed limit.
“Kevin and Koo were driving at very high speeds and competing to see whose car was faster,” prosecutor Tan added.
Koo pleaded guilty on March 28 for similar charges that Chandra faced, albeit with an additional charge of driving without insurance. The Nissan GT-R that belonged to Koo’s wife was also forfeited and the offender was fined a larger amount of $2,500 Singapore dollars (about $1,835) along with an 18-month driving ban.
Singapore police witnessed 20 other high-performance cars within Seletar Link during the time the illegal racing activity occurred.
Meanwhile, Seletar Link seems to be notorious illicit street racing activities.
According to Channel NewsAsia, two men were also arrested earlier this year for racing their Mercedes Benz and Audi sports vehicles, which reached speeds up to 170 kmh (105 mph).
“Traffic Police takes a stern view on such dangerous road behaviour as it puts the lives of the drivers and other road users at risk. Regular enforcement operations are conducted by Traffic Police to put such errant motorists to task,” the Singapore Police Force explained.
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