Growing makeup trend transforms Asian faces to appear ‘mixed race’

Growing makeup trend transforms Asian faces to appear ‘mixed race’Growing makeup trend transforms Asian faces to appear ‘mixed race’
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A new makeup trend that transforms one’s looks to appear more stereotypically mixed race is gaining traction on social media. 
About the trend: The “mixed-race” makeup trend, which has its roots on Chinese platforms such as XiaoHongShu and Douyin, goes for a look that is described as “Wasian,” a fusion of “white” and Asian characteristics. The trend has found a global audience, thanks in part to platforms like TikTok
How it’s done: Achieving the “mixed-race” makeup look involves strategic contouring, highlighting the cheekbones, nose bridge, chin and under-eye area to create a sculpted face.
The process includes enhancing the under-eye area to create bright, radiant eyes and using eyeshadow and eyeliner for larger, almond-shaped eyes. Bold brows are a key feature, requiring meticulous shaping, filling and definition. Influencers advise the use of colored contact lenses to change eye color.
Going viral: Makeup enthusiasts, including well-known YouTuber Edward Avila, have tried their hands at the trend.
In his video, Avila walked his viewers through the process of incorporating the distinct look. He began by concealing dark circles before proceeding to change his complexion using a variety of cosmetic products such as creams, concealers and foundation.

Trend’s implications: Avila also delved into the broader implications of the trend, drawing comparisons to another trend called “Asianfishing.” in which individuals change their appearance through makeup to mimic Asian features.

“I think it’s just so funny because there’s a whole conversation about the trend of people pretending to be Asian or wanting to become Asian. They’ll literally go to Asian people’s pages, messaging them, asking if they can use their pictures. Meanwhile, here in China, we got these girls looking like white girls after they do their makeup.”

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