Lost puppy that refuses to leave its teddy bear will make you cry

Lost puppy that refuses to leave its teddy bear will make you cryLost puppy that refuses to leave its teddy bear will make you cry
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A video of a lost puppy in China refusing to part with its teddy bear has gone viral on the social media platform Weibo. 
Uploaded by Zheng (@欢月yue) on March 22, the video shows the wet, lost and dirty puppy wearing a yellow collar and a white teddy bear with a yellow shirt. Zheng notices them near a river in Shandong, but it is unknown if the puppy was lost or abandoned by its owner. 
Although Zheng attempts to lead the puppy to safety, the animal seems hesitant. “It kept looking back,” the video’s caption reads. 
After following Zheng for a while, the puppy stops and refuses to move before returning to the place where it was found. Eventually, Zheng discovers the puppy was returning to “save” its teddy bear as well.  
“[I had] tears in an instant,” Zheng wrote. “It turns out he wanted to take it home too … In this cold city, [the teddy bear] was the only trace of warmth.”
After picking up the stuffed animal, Zheng films her trip home with the puppy, who follows closely behind without any hesitation.
At the end of her clip, Zheng asks her viewers to be “kind-hearted people” and help her find the animal’s owner.
The Weibo user’s original video quickly garnered over 1 million views. 
The clip was then shared by Metropolis Times  (@都市时报), where it gained over 7.9 million views. 
“This world cannot live without dogs and people who will follow the dogs back to find the bear,” one user wrote in praise of Zheng in the original video’s comment section. 
“This girl is so nice. She doesn’t care if the puppy stains her pants. She squats down and treats the puppy gently, kind and gentle,” another user wrote. 
Others had theories about what happened to the puppy.
“It feels like the original owner discarded it here with the teddy bear, so the dog has been guarding it,” a user commented. 
“Don’t look for the original owner. It’s unreliable! If you can, raise it yourself!” a different user suggested. 
On Monday, Zheng updated her viewers regarding the puppy’s alleged owners, who had reached out to her in an attempt to ask for their pet’s return. 
Zheng expressed her suspicions, however, since they had not attempted to search for the puppy or treat the many skin diseases the pet was suffering from. In the chat screenshots uploaded by Zheng, she asks the alleged owners to provide evidence of their ownership but is denied. 
The alleged owners reportedly threatened Zheng with legal action before eventually demanding 10,000 yuan (approximately $1,500) for the puppy. 
Zheng reportedly ended up paying 2,000 yuan (approximately $300) for ownership of the puppy.

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