Livestreamers ‘joke’ about atomic bombs, ‘radioactive p*ssy’ while streaming in Hiroshima

Livestreamers ‘joke’ about atomic bombs, ‘radioactive p*ssy’ while streaming in HiroshimaLivestreamers ‘joke’ about atomic bombs, ‘radioactive p*ssy’ while streaming in Hiroshima
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Editor’s Note (1/5/2023): A previous version of this story published earlier today misidentified one of the streamers in the mentioned clip as Ice Poseidon. We sincerely regret the error. Upon verifying reports, we have corrected the story to reflect that the streamer seen in the longer livestream with Vexxed is a YouTuber who goes by the handle Slightly Homeless. However, the livestream, which included the incident, was posted on Ice Poseidon’s YouTube channel.
A pair of livestreamers have sparked outrage after joking about dropping atomic bombs while recently streaming themselves in Hiroshima, Japan.
A Dexerto report published on Tuesday identified the duo as Ice Poseidon, an American YouTuber known for his IRL streaming content, and Vexxed, an Irish YouTuber known for his videos covering other content creators. However, Twitter users later pointed out that the YouTuber involved was Slightly Homeless, not Ice Poseidon.
The livestream, however, was posted on Ice Poseidon’s YouTube channel on Dec. 29, 2022. The controversial clip surfaced on Reddit on New Year’s Day.

The minute-long clip opens with Vexxed asking, “You want that radioactive p*ssy?”
“Did you see how they looked at me?” says Slightly Homeless — who took over behind the stream at the 6:08:16 mark — while pointing to a 7-Eleven. “I dropped your bag when I was in there. They looked at me like I dropped an atomic bomb.”
A third person accompanying the YouTubers is then heard asking the pair, “What happened?” The streamers, however, continue to laugh while joking “They got PTSD.”
The clip continues with Vexxed making a hand gesture that mimics dropping a bomb and ends with the pair approaching a group of Japanese women, with the person behind the camera speaking to them in Japanese.
Hiroshima, a city southwest of Japan, is known for its nuclear destruction in World War II. Along with Nagasaki, it was the target of the world’s first atomic bomb on a populated area.
Ice Poseidon tweeted that he was in Japan for an “irl subathon” on Dec. 10, 2022.
“So far on my irl subathon we have, streamed with gangsters, gone on dates with Japanese girls, made new connections, climbed rooftops explored an abandoned love hotel, streamed in underground clubs and documented unregulated markets,” he wrote in another tweet a week after.
Vexxed, meanwhile, has been inactive on his various socials. His bio on Twitter, which he last posted from in March 2021, states he is “On Hiatus from Video Making” while “pursuing a Masters degree.”
Slightly Homeless, on the other hand, posted a YouTube video on Dec. 7, 2022, saying that he has moved to Japan’s “Yakuza Slum.” Two weeks later, he followed up with a video providing tips on how not to cycle across Japan.
Redditors slammed the YouTubers in the comments.
“Trust me, he’s a loser in America too,” one wrote.
“It’s wild that they A. Have no shame in voicing those views publicly. B. Chose to visit that country. And C. Chose to record and post that sort of foolishness,” another commented.
“Next stop is the suicide forrest , I presume,” one commenter wrote, referring to YouTuber Logan Paul’s infamous 2018 scandal.

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