‘KLIA Karen’ goes viral for berating airline staff in Kuala Lumpur

‘KLIA Karen’ goes viral for berating airline staff in Kuala Lumpur‘KLIA Karen’ goes viral for berating airline staff in Kuala Lumpur
via @missssssyl
A short clip of a foreign tourist berating an airline staff member at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) has gone viral on TikTok. 
Uploaded on Tuesday by TikTok user Yully Lee (@missssssyl), an airline ground staff member, the 16-second clip shows a woman verbally attacking Lee’s co-worker. The caption asked, “What would u do if people like this attack you for no reason?”
In the video, the woman slams her hand and Norwegian passport onto the counter, threatening to call the embassy on the worker’s “motherf*cking ass.” The woman proceeds to cross her arms and make kissing faces, mocking the staff member. 
The video concludes as the woman says “f*ck you” and demands the staff member’s name.
TikTok users dubbed the woman “KLIA Karen,” with “Karen” being a slang term often used to refer to white women with an enlarged sense of entitlement.
Although Lee has refused to reveal further details regarding the incident, KLIA district police chief Iram Abd Rahman stated the tourist received a RM100 (approximately $23) fine for inappropriate behavior, reported The Straits Times
“The woman had gone into the airplane and then she claimed that she had left some of her stuff and demanded to go out, but she was not allowed to do so, hence she made a scene,” Imran explained. “She was arrested and we charged her for behaving indecently and she was fined RM100.”
In response to the video, one user commented, “Customer not always right.”
“We stay classy. They have nothing on you girl. Jealousy,” another wrote in support of Lee.
Another comment wondered if the abusive tourist was intoxicated, asking, “Is she drunk?”
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