Ke Huy Quan hopes to inspire viewers with ‘Loki’ character OB

Ke Huy Quan hopes to inspire viewers with ‘Loki’ character OBKe Huy Quan hopes to inspire viewers with ‘Loki’ character OB
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“Loki” star Ke Huy Quan revealed in a recent interview why he believes his character in the second season of the Marvel Studios series can inspire others.
Joys of playing O.B.: Quan shared with the joys of portraying Ouroboros, also known as O.B., who spent 400 years with no human connection in the basement of the Time Variance Authority (TVA). For Quan, O.B.’s most important characteristic is his enthusiasm: Despite years of solitude, O.B. is genuinely happy to be part of the team when he meets Loki, Mobius, Sylvie and B-15.
Inspiring character: Quan sees O.B. as an inspiration, emphasizing the importance of loving and being passionate about what one does, regardless of the nature of the work. Admiring O.B.’s quirkiness and humor, Quan credits executive producer Kevin Wright and head writer Eric Martin for creating an original character not lifted from the comics.

“I hope people love his passion, his enthusiasm. He loves being part of the team. Sometimes, it’s not always about yourself. It’s about the big team, about contributing… That energy, that enthusiasm, is incredible. I hope that people will have that with whatever they do.”

Collaborative effort: In the interview, Quan also delved into the impact of the practical sets and physical spaces O.B. inhabits in his portrayal. From the detailed sets to the talents of the team, Quan underscored the immersive experience that allowed him to fully embody O.B. He said “Loki” became a collaborative effort where every element, from costumes to sets, contributed to the character’s authenticity.

“It really helped, as an actor, because I didn’t have to imagine any of this. Everywhere you look, you can feel, you can touch, you can step on it. The only visual effects that we had were outside the window, beyond the Temporal Loom. But all the physical space was practical, and that was amazing.”

Nostalgic surprise: Quan, known for his iconic role as Data in “The Goonies,” was able to sneak in a delightful Easter egg from the ’80s classic into “Loki Season 2.” Revealed through a social media post challenging fans to spot the reference, the 52-year-old star said he playfully incorporated a Data utility belt into O.B.’s TVA uniform.
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