‘X-Men: The Animated Series’ Jubilee voice actor says character should be played by an AAPI in reboot

‘X-Men: The Animated Series’ Jubilee voice actor says character should be played by an AAPI in reboot‘X-Men: The Animated Series’ Jubilee voice actor says character should be played by an AAPI in reboot
The original voice actress for the ‘90s “X-Men: The Animated Series” will not be returning to reprise her role as X-Men member Jubilee in the reboot.
Petitions: On June 19, 2020, fan Stuart Green tweeted that he started a petition to ask Disney and Marvel to bring back the animated series.
  • Close to 900 fans rallied together to support it, reportedly including Alyson Court, the original voice actress for the energy-blasting Jubilee.
  • Court tweeted that while it was her honor to voice “such an iconic character,” it didn’t sit right with her that she, as a white woman, might continue to voice an Asian American character.
  • “I know far too many talented young Asian actors who would do Jubilee justice now,” she wrote.
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  • Although some fans were disappointed, on Nov. 12, or Disney Plus Day, Court tweeted “Ready for some fireworks?” which sparked new hope and confusion.
  • She explained further in another tweet that both she and Jubilee are returning, but vaguely confirmed that she’s involved with the show in another sense. “Those two things don’t have to be one and the same thing,” she wrote.
Lady of the hour: Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee is an X-Men character whose powers focus on energy and light blasts, which she calls her “fireworks,” that she can control at varying intensities.
  • As a former Olympic gymnastics hopeful, her life was on a completely different path until the untimely death of her Chinese immigrant parents left her to fend for herself.
  • Jubilee eventually found her way into the life of a rollerblading mall and street rat who would use her powers for petty theft and to entertain mall patrons for cash.
  • Although the animated Jubilee focused more on controlling and harnessing her powers, some fans speculate that the new series may explore more of her heritage and ethnicity.
Blast to the past: As Disney announced the plethora of shows that will appear on its streaming service for its annual Disney Plus Day, a reboot of the animated series titled “X-Men ‘97” was confirmed.
  • Disney tweeted a meme of a pensive Wolverine lying in bed, holding a frame of the reboot title, captioned, “We’ve missed you, too.”
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  • The original animated series aired between 1992 to 1997 and was a popular hit series at the time.
  • The reboot will venture into “new stories in the iconic ‘90s timeline of the original series,” according to Marvel.
  • “X-Men ‘97” is written by Executive Producer Beau DeMayo and will also make its way onto Disney Plus in 2023.
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