Controversial livestreamer confronted by enraged Japanese-speaking woman in Bangkok

Controversial livestreamer confronted by enraged Japanese-speaking woman in BangkokControversial livestreamer confronted by enraged Japanese-speaking woman in Bangkok
via JohnySomali / Kick
A controversial Kick livestreamer was recently confronted by an enraged Japanese-speaking woman while livestreaming in Bangkok.
Key details: A clip of JohnnySomali’s recent livestream began circulating on Twitter on Thursday.
The 34-second video, which has already garnered almost 180,000 views, shows the American content creator, who filmed himself shouting insensitive remarks about World War II on a train in Tokyo in late May, being chased by the angry woman.
Although it is unclear when the incident occurred, the full livestream was uploaded to JohnnySomali’s Kick account last week. The incident seemingly took place on Soi Cowboy, a street in Bangkok that mostly caters to tourists. 
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What happened: In the clip, JohnnySomali can be seen walking down the street when a man suddenly recognizes him and shouts, “Yo! That’s the f*cking dude. You’re the f*cking assh*le.”
The woman beside him approaches JohnnySomali and asks, “Have you ever been to Hiroshima? F*ck you, dude!” as she tries to take his camera.
During the confrontation, the woman also asks why he harassed people in Japan a few months ago, to which he responds, “For clout. I want money, too. I want it both.”
The woman then chases him down Soi Cowboy while yelling Japanese words at him. As she continues her tirade, the livestreamer can be heard saying, “Allahu Akbar.”
What people are saying: Some Twitter users wondered whether the woman was Japanese, while another user supported her actions, commenting, “I would grab his phone and drop it to the ground on purpose and step on it and tell him not to move and show him my freedom of speech. High heel shoes are desirable.”
“He thinks it’s all one big game, it’s things like this that start to cause problems and something even worse that I hope never happens,” another user tweeted.
Previous confrontations: JohnnySomali was recently confronted by a man over his Tokyo train antics after he was previously physically attacked on two separate occasions.
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