Author gets kicked off WestJet flight due to excessive bathroom use

Author gets kicked off WestJet flight due to excessive bathroom useAuthor gets kicked off WestJet flight due to excessive bathroom use
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Author Joanna Chiu expressed frustration online after being removed from a WestJet flight from Mexico to Vancouver due to excessive bathroom use before takeoff.
What happened: Chiu, who claimed to have an upset stomach, was forced to leave the airplane without “the promise of a hotel or rebooked flight” on Friday.  
“I had meds and was on the mend,” Chiu wrote on X. “In my rush to get off plane alone, I left my money with travel companions and @WestJet supervisor refused to pay for my taxi to a hotel 20 min away. He called a guard over to intimidate me but when I burst into tears the guard assessed rightly that Westjet dude was the a**hole.”
Supervisor threatens Chiu: The supervisor also allegedly threatened Chiu in the baggage area when she started filming their exchange. 
“This @WestJet supervisor said that unless I deleted the video I wouldn’t be able to get on a flight tomorrow,” she shared. 
Chiu eventually requested help from another employee, who then refused to give her a booking reference for her rebooked flight. The author noted, “It is sad that I wasn’t able to get any help unless I publicly aired my experience. WestJet DM’d me my booking reference number after I had asked for it repeatedly at the airport. I ended up getting in the taxi because I was legitimately worried about getting arrested.”
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Update on Chiu: On Sunday, Chiu tweeted an update regarding her situation, noting that while she faced more unfortunate events, including urgent care treatment, she is currently “home safe and sound.” She jokingly mentions getting a bubble suit next time and offers advice for travelers. 
“My last word: Check whether your destination is known for stomach bugs. Take probiotics etc. If you’re asked to deplane, take the time to gather wallet, passport, medications. Duolingo proved useful and off-line translation apps. If staff is abusive, ask for another to help you,” Chiu said.
Online reactions: Chiu’s thread has since garnered over 64,000 views, with some supporting the airline’s cautious approach in the context of potential contagion, while others sympathized with Chiu’s situation and criticized the handling of the incident. 
“What?!? Getting kicked off a flight for using the lavatory? That’s what the lav is for…,” one user said.
“Don’t know why you’re expecting sympathy. You shouldn’t have even flown to begin with.  You’re just 1 passenger.  You put every single other passenger—& crew—at risk.  And guess what? The lavatories didn’t have your exclusive band in it.  That’s on you,” another wrote. 
“As a former flight attendant, they made the right call. I can’t vouch for how they communicated to/with you, but the decision wasn’t wrong,” another person shared. 
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