Jay Park is Starting His Own Soju Company

Jay Park is Starting His Own Soju CompanyJay Park is Starting His Own Soju Company
Korean American rapper/entrepreneur Jay Park recently announced that he is starting his own soju company.
Park, founder and CEO of the independent hip hop record labels AOMG and H1ghr revealed his plans during an interview on the podcast “Broken GPS” on HIPHOPLE.
According to the 32-year-old star, he is currently in the early stages of setting up the soju company and seriously considering his marketing strategy.
“It’s in the works, and we’re working on how it’ll be marketed and distributed,” Park said during the podcast. “Once the soju is made, I don’t want to hire famous female idols to advertise it. I want to keep it within the hip-hop culture.”
Park explained that Korean celebrities usually only engage in advertisements and not start businesses on their own. He compared this to many Hollywood celebrities who have gone into the liquor business.
“When I released a song about soju, my Western friends wanted to try it,” Park shared. “There are even some African American friends that are now only drinking soju after I introduced it to them. Foreign celebrities like Jay-Z are already managing their own liquor businesses.”
Soju, an iconic alcoholic drink from Korea, is made by distilling alcohol from fermented grains such as rice or wheat.
Park’s affinity to the popular drink was recently referenced by celebrity jeweler Ben Baller when he created diamond soju bottles for Park, who he considers to be “a true dongsaeng (younger sibling).”
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