Jay Park nicknamed ‘bra collector’ after fans throw their bras at him in Taipei concert 

Jay Park nicknamed ‘bra collector’ after fans throw their bras at him in Taipei concert 

Rapper Jay Park, 35, was showered with undergarments during his Spaceport Festival performance at Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei's Zhongshan District on Monday.

October 12, 2022
Jay Park was showered with undergarments from several die-hard fans during a recent concert in Taipei.
Fans started throwing their bras at the Seattle-born rapper, whose full name is Park Jae-beom, during his steamy final act during Taiwan’s Spaceport Festival on Monday. It has reportedly been three years since the last time Park, 35, visited Taiwan.
Park gave concert attendees a night to remember when he suddenly took his shirt off while performing “Mommae” and called his fans “sexy girls,” a reference to his song’s lyrics.
Fans went wild, and some of them started throwing their bras at the singer-songwriter. Without missing a beat, Park picked up some of the undergarments while singing and hung them from his shoulder. He even struck a pose with them after his performance.
It is unclear what he did with the bras after the concert, but some fans on social media said he handed them over to his singer friend Nick Chou.
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Some fans on Twitter jokingly told Park that he could start his own version of Victoria’s Secret one day with the number of underwear fans have been giving him.
Who tf threw their bra on stage. Waiting for Jay Park to open his version of Victoria’s Secret because he probably has every part of their collection by now,” one Twitter user wrote.
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Don’t worry. Your bra are safe with me,” another user wrote in their tweet with a photo of a shirtless Park.
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Jay Park the bra collector, where are the knickers? Lol,” another user said. “Its not a set without both time to throw those knickers on stage.”
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Park jokingly tweeted in November 2019 that he had accumulated 784 bras, panties, condoms, pregnancy tests, fake money and more from his fans, whom he called “the best.”
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The Spaceport Festival, which was held from Oct. 8 to Oct. 10 at Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei’s Zhongshan District, also featured HyunA, Dawn, Lauv and other artists from countries such as South Korea, the U.S., Israel and the Netherlands.
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