Jay Chou Goes Viral on Instagram After Performing Epic Card Trick

Jay Chou Goes Viral on Instagram After Performing Epic Card Trick

September 7, 2018
Mandopop star and “King of Asian Pop” Jay Chou has gone viral on Instagram after posting a video clip of himself doing a magic trick with famous Taiwanese-Canadian visual magician Will Tsai.
The short video was posted by Chou on his Instagram account on Wednesday, and shows the 39-year-old pop artist performing a new card trick using an iPad, Asia One reported.
The viral video, which has been viewed more than 1.6 million times, starts off with Chou holding out a card before flipping it over and returning it to the deck in his other hand.
After turning the card face down on the deck, Chou turns to his side with Tsai holding out the tablet. The same card that was in Chou’s hand can be seen on the screen.
He then magically pulls that card out of the tablet and into the world.
Tsai also does a remarkable magic trick but takes it up a notch.
First, he shows his audience the tablet, which displays a plain picture of a burger.
Then, with one flawless swipe, a real burger slides out of the tablet and onto the table.
The magic trick was so awesome that Chou tagged Japanese-American street magician Cyril Takayama with a caption saying, “Hey @cyrilmagic is this your burger? Not anymore.”
Takayama compliments the two magicians on their trick by commenting that they were “pretty good.”
“Now I don’t have to do that magic burger trick for you!” he added.
It’s only a matter of time before Tsai, Chou, and Jeremy Lin appear together in the same video and perform a magic showdown since the pop star and basketball player are super close.
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