Japanese man who spent $16K to become a ‘dog’ now wants to transform into another animal

Japanese man who spent $16K to become a ‘dog’ now wants to transform into another animalJapanese man who spent $16K to become a ‘dog’ now wants to transform into another animal
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The Japanese man who found global fame after transforming himself into a “dog” through a $16,000 costume is now hoping to morph into another animal. 
Key points:
  • In a recent interview, the man, known only by his canine alias “Toco,” expressed interest in transforming into another dog, a panda, a bear, a fox or a cat.
  • Toco commissioned model and sculpture company Zeppet to create his hyperrealistic costume of a rough collie.
  • Since his costume’s completion last spring, Toco has launched a YouTube channel to document his journey, given media interviews and engaged in dog-like activities such as going out for walks and “eating” dog food.

The details:
  • In a recent interview with Japanese news outlet WanQol, Toco discussed the challenges of mimicking dog movements due to differences in bone structure and limb flexibility between canines and humans. He said he is exploring ways to make his limbs appear more dog-like and mentioned the difficulty of maintaining the costume.
  • He expressed a desire to transform into another animal, with the ultimate goal being to fulfill his dream of becoming various animals. He told the outlet:

“Of course, I would like to become another animal as well. I might realistically be able to become another dog, a panda or a bear. A fox or a cat would also be nice, but they are too small for humans to try. I’d like to fulfill my dream of becoming another animal someday.”

  • Despite posting videos for months and amassing nearly 65,000 subscribers, Toco has not revealed his identity, admitting to being concerned about the opinions of others, especially loved ones.
  • As he continues to share his journey online, he receives supportive comments from viewers who admire his dedication.
  • “It really is a happy experience to be able to become something other than myself. I get excited and happy being someone other than myself,” he says.
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