Japan Airlines flight canceled after pilot gets drunk in Dallas

Japan Airlines flight canceled after pilot gets drunk in DallasJapan Airlines flight canceled after pilot gets drunk in Dallas
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Michelle De Pacina
16 days ago
A Japan Airlines flight from Dallas to Tokyo was canceled after the captain reportedly became intoxicated at a hotel bar and was warned by police. 
Key points:
  • The 49-year-old captain engaged in “disruptive behavior” while drunk at the hotel, prompting a call to the police at around 2 a.m. on April 23, reported The Mainichi
  • On Wednesday morning, the flight was canceled because the captain’s physical and mental well-being needed to be assessed, and the airline was not able to find a replacement pilot in time.
The details:
  • The captain had dined with crew members and had continued drinking in the hotel lounge and his room. When a hotel employee asked them to be quiet, the pilot’s disorderly conduct led to a verbal warning from the police. 
  • However, a spokesperson for Japan Airlines clarified that there was a sufficient gap between the pilot’s alcohol consumption and scheduled duty time. The decision to cancel the flight was made to assess the pilot’s well-being, and not because he was intoxicated at the time of the flight.
  • While the airline failed to find a replacement pilot, they reportedly assisted the 157 passengers’ transfer to alternative flights. 
  • “We are fully aware of the seriousness of this situation,” a spokesperson for the airline told Business Insider. “In order to prevent such an incident from happening again, we will thoroughly implement measures to prevent recurrence and work to restore trust in our airline.”
  • The Federal Aviation Administration asserts that a pilot’s capability to operate an aircraft is significantly hindered by alcohol consumption, with the risk of serious errors notably rising at or above a blood alcohol concentration of 0.04%.
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