Singaporean DJ Called a ‘Prostitute’ Online Reveals She’s Been Working as a Health Care Volunteer

Singaporean DJ Called a ‘Prostitute’ Online Reveals She’s Been Working as a Health Care VolunteerSingaporean DJ Called a ‘Prostitute’ Online Reveals She’s Been Working as a Health Care Volunteer
A prominent DJ, influencer and actor in Singapore surprised fans after revealing that she has volunteered in healthcare since April.
Jade Rasif, who has nearly 360,000 followers on Instagram, decided to make the switch after nurses took care of her when she got tested for a fever, throat infection and breathing anomalies.
The nurses’ compassion stuck to Rasif, and by April, she opted to volunteer with the Singapore Healthcare Corps. She trained before being deployed the following month.
Rasif initially signed up to work in logistics and data entry. However, she was informed that more people are needed in the frontlines.
“So I said, ‘All right, I’ll do it.’ And now I love my job so much,” Rasif told The New Paper. “I really like it better than my old job. For the first time in my life, I am good at my job and people treat each other with respect.”
Rasif kept her job a secret until Aug. 6, when she took to Instagram to share a photo of herself wearing personal protective equipment. Apparently, only close friends knew about her new work.
She also decided to unveil her activities as there were rumors claiming that she had been working as a prostitute.
“There was a sugar baby website using my photos, and some people were saying because I didn’t have a job any more, (because of the pandemic) I must have been selling my body to support myself,” she told The New Paper.
Rasif graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2018 with a degree in psychology. With her newfound passion, she now plans to pursue a nursing degree when the pandemic is over.
The influencer has no more plans of accepting sponsorships, but she may still appear in videos or talk shows. She warned others to be careful of accepting job offers while COVID-19 is still around.
“I know this pandemic has been tough and many girls like me have lost their jobs + a lot of uni grads can’t find jobs either… If you’re one of them, please beware of companies seeking to take advantage of your naivety and financial situation during this pandemic,” Rasif noted.
“I have been approached with advertising offers by two such companies this month alone so please believe me when I caution you guys to be wary of promises of fast cash and glamour on social media. Do a full day of research before agreeing to anything, please don’t do something you’re not comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to try new things (You just might like them!).”
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