Israel praises ‘good friend’ Taiwan, calls China’s response to Hamas attack ‘disturbing’

Israel praises ‘good friend’ Taiwan, calls China’s response to Hamas attack ‘disturbing’Israel praises ‘good friend’ Taiwan, calls China’s response to Hamas attack ‘disturbing’
via TaiwanPlus News
Israel’s de facto ambassador to Taiwan Maya Yaron commended the island’s government for their strong support of Israel while expressing disappointment in China’s response to the recent Hamas attack.
Israel praises Taiwan: On Thursday, Yaron praised President Tsai Ing-wen and her government, who were quick to denounce the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Hamas militants from Palestine. Taiwan immediately expressed their deepest sympathies and solidarity with Israel.
“Taiwan is really a good friend for Israel and we truly appreciate everything that we receive. I’m in close touch with the foreign minister, I think people are very concerned,” Yaron said, according to Reuters.
Although Taiwan and Israel do not have formal diplomatic connections, the self-governed island views Israel as a crucial ally and democratic partner.
Israel’s response to China: Meanwhile, Yaron expressed disappointment at China’s failure to denounce the attacks carried out by Hamas against Israeli civilians.
“This is actually something that is very disturbing with China,” she said.
China previously condemned the attacks on civilians in the conflict without specifically mentioning Hamas. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi also declared Israel’s actions “beyond the scope of self-defense.”
Israel-Hamas U.N. development: On Wednesday, China and Russia vetoed the U.S.’ drive for the United Nations Security Council to act on the Israel-Hamas conflict. The U.S. had called for a pause in the war to allow humanitarian aid access, protect civilians and to stop arming Hamas and other militant groups in the Gaza Strip.
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