Two Grooms Held The Most Incredible Hindu Wedding and the Photos Will Give You Feelings

Two Grooms Held The Most Incredible Hindu Wedding and the Photos Will Give You FeelingsTwo Grooms Held The Most Incredible Hindu Wedding and the Photos Will Give You Feelings
Social media users from around the world are celebrating the union of two Indian grooms who tied the knot in a traditional Hindu ceremony earlier this month.
When Aditya Madiraju and Amit Shah shared their wedding photos online, they were shocked to find that the images became widely shared on social media. 
While the pair actually first got married last year via a small ceremony at New York City Hall, it did not take long for them to eventually decide on throwing a celebration for their family and friends.
They also chose July as the perfect month to do it since Madiraju’s parents, who live in India, were already planning to visit the United States this summer anyway, reports the Huffington Post.
The festivities began on July 18, with the couple hosting a mehndi party in their backyard. They both wore linen kurtas by Bohame.
The next day, they held a traditional ceremony at a Hindu temple in New Jersey in which they wore floral kurtas by Anita Dongre.
Finally, on July 20, they hosted a sangeet-style reception at Pondicheri cafe in New York City, where they wore wardrobe by Andaz Design — which is Shah’s own costume and wedding attire company.
“In the midst of planning, we didn’t realize that having a same-sex wedding at a temple would be groundbreaking,” Madiraju was quoted as saying. 
“We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do it. And now looking back, especially after the attention our wedding has received, it’s evident that what we were able to do will change the scope for LGBTQ couples in the future.”
Charmi Patel Peña, the couple’s wedding photographer lamented that the Hindu community “still has a lot of growing to do when it comes to gay marriage.”
“So it’s been really, really amazing for us to see how the [couples has] been embraced by the temple and the community which allowed them to marry there,” she noted.
According to Madiraju, the many positive responses they received from around the world have been “overwhelming.”
“We have been getting messages on social media from people around the globe who have come out to their families, people who have regained a sense of hope, and even those who have changed their mind about LGBTQ couples and will now support them,” he said. “The response has given a whole new meaning to our marriage, and we are excited about the social changes this will help make.”
Featured Image via Instagram / amit_aatma
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