Hong Kong man is photographed ‘walking’ his ‘pet’ crabs

Hong Kong man is photographed ‘walking’ his ‘pet’ crabsHong Kong man is photographed ‘walking’ his ‘pet’ crabs
Sam Ho via Facebook
Pictures of a Hong Kong man seemingly “walking” three crabs on a cycling track left several social media users hungry and confused.
The images, which were originally shared with local Facebook group Tseung Kwan O Home Group, show the man on a cycle path holding strings that appear to act as leashes. To ensure that his “pets” don’t inflict any harm, their pincers appear to be tied with string.
Facebook user Sam Ho, the person who shared the photos with the group, wrote, “The more you look at them, the hungrier you get. I wonder how their owner deals with the temptation” in his post’s description.
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Sam Ho via Facebook
The odd images quickly garnered attention from the Facebook group, which has over 150,000 members.
As of this writing, Ho’s post has garnered over 1,700 likes and 160 comments.
“Crabs walk sideways, but their owner tied the leash in the wrong direction. How can the crab walk like that?” one Facebook user asked.
“Do you know what a slow cooker is? They’re cooking slowly,” another user wrote in reference to the hot weather that day.
“Is it animal cruelty to walk around in the sun with a tied-up animal that lives in water?” another user questioned.
On April 18, the truth behind the man and his “pets” was revealed.
It turned out that he was involved in a publicity stunt to promote a local online food delivery company.
The company also reportedly hired a woman to walk around with a fish tank in a stroller.
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