Henry Golding and Liv Lo welcome second daughter

Henry Golding and Liv Lo welcome second daughterHenry Golding and Liv Lo welcome second daughter
via Liv Lo
Henry Golding and Liv Lo celebrated the arrival of their second child, a daughter, named Florence Likan Golding.
The couple took to Instagram on Oct. 11 to share their emotional journey through childbirth via short clips that capture moments of joy and challenges. Among the challenges, the couple would later reveal, was the health scare baby Florence had right after her birth on Sept. 9. 
“The journey of childbirth is full of its ups and downs, but glorious none the other,” Lo wrote in the caption.
Challenges of childbirth: Lo detailed her birthing experience on her FitSphere website, sharing that she was admitted to the hospital a day after her due date after experiencing heavy bleeding. The couple, who hoped for a vaginal birth, were nearly forced to do an emergency C-section after she developed a fever and the baby went into distress.

“The team started prepping the OR for an emergency C-section and rushed to get me antibiotics, but in the meantime, I went from 4-10 cm so quickly that there was no time for that plan. My doctor came in and said, luckily, that I had the option to push, but the baby would have to be born right away. Any mother with the threat of a C-section would do as I did. In 3 pushes, Florence Likan Golding was born at 7lbs at 9:03 am on 9/9/23.”

Further complications: Due to breathing problems, baby Florence was temporarily placed in the NICU. The doctors discovered that she had swallowed meconium, leading to pneumonia.
Lo was also hospitalized for a blood infection, which required medication, regular check-ups and reiki healing, an energy healing technique that involves guiding the “flow of healthy energy. “
Healing and joy:  It took the mother and newborn daughter about two to three weeks before they were fully healed. The couple is now overjoyed to be spending quality time with both their daughters and embracing the joys and challenges of parenthood.
Family first: Golding, who married Lo in 2016, shared in an interview with People last year how fatherhood has transformed his life and career priorities. He emphasized the importance of balancing family life with his work commitments, often considering his family’s presence while choosing projects.
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