Netizens praise hawker for giving free food to woman who ‘forgot’ wallet

Netizens praise hawker for giving free food to woman who ‘forgot’ walletNetizens praise hawker for giving free food to woman who ‘forgot’ wallet
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Netizens are applauding a hawker in Singapore for offering free food to a woman who said she “forgot” to bring her wallet.
About the heartwarming moment: On Saturday, Singaporean plant-based food company Unreel Foods (@unreelfoods) posted a two-minute TikTok video that was filmed at Senja Hawker Centre in Singapore.
Pan, an Unreel Foods employee, filmed herself telling a hawker named Faridah that she “forgot to bring” her wallet and her phone to the hawker center. 
“Do you think I can still get a plate of rice from you?” Pan can be heard asking Faridah.
After considering Pan’s question for a moment, Faridah says, “You sit down, later I give you.”
After Pan returns to retrieve her free meal, she tells Faridah that she never actually forgot or lost her wallet. The Unreel Foods employee then gives the kind hawker 10 Singaporean dollars (approximately $7.56) to pay for her food, as well as 58 Singapore dollars (approximately $43.84) to “thank you for the kindness that you showed me.”
“$58 you see how you want for your own shop or next time if got people need you can give them food also,” Pan explains to a shocked Faridah.
Why she did it: Before the video ends, Pan asks Faridah why she decided to give her a free meal.
“Because food, you see… we are giving food to everyone. Food is hunger,” Faridah says. “Those people who really don’t have [money], we cannot say you must pay, we are not that kind of persons. You have to feed people.”
Showing her support: Pan ended the social experiment video with a message for all her viewers, writing, “Celebrate her [Faridah’s] kindness by supporting her business Subakani Family stall at Senja Hawker Centre.”
Words of praise: Several TikTok users have commented on the video, which has already garnered over 126,000 views.
“Omg I love these kind of videos. So nice to see it locally too,” one TikTok user wrote.
“So sweet of this young lady in helping someone in need,” another user commented.
“This is heartwarming, there’s still hope in humanity,” another said.

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