There’s Now Something Even More Baller Than the Amex Black Card

There’s a credit card you can get that’s way cooler than the exclusive black
The Amex black card for the super rich requires you to spend over $250K a year for an invitation plus thousands more in initiation and annual fees — not exactly convenient unless you absolutely need the no-limit spending power.
On the other hand, you could just have one of your own credit cards custom-made out of either solid gold or solid platinum — a far cry from the black card which is made of anodized titanium — without spending requirements or fees. You actually get something way better looking but on your own terms.
We spoke to entrepreneur Evan Luthra who got his own credit card specially made by a craftsman who reached out to him in Monte Carlo, Monaco. He was kind enough to share a few sample pics with us and it’s pretty clear to see that the custom-made route is going to be huge.
So here’s the answer to the most important question: What does it cost to have your own credit card made out of precious metals?
You can get your credit card made of titanium to have the look and weight of the Amex card which will surely run you in the thousands, but certainly not as much as the solid gold route.
To get your credit card crafted in solid 24-karat gold, expect it to cost around €5,000, or just under $5,700.
Then for something even more baller than gold, having your credit card forged in platinum can run you around €9,000, or about $10,250. So you don’t have to be a millionaire to get the card, but you’ll definitely want to be on the better end of the “one comma club” to get it.
From start to finish, the process to make the card takes 20 days.

My boy @evanluthra struggling to get this gold card in the ATM

— Benny Luo (@bennyluo) May 11, 2016

Luthra described the card as being as heavy as 10 normal plastic cards and despite his failed attempt at an ATM, it’s a fully functional card with the same exact digits and bank.
The greatest positive about it though will probably be all the attention that flashing a heavy solid gold or platinum card will bring — people might just be a lot nicer to you because you look insanely successful and rich. Just sit back and let the opportunities offer themselves.
For more details and how to get your own custom gold or platinum credit card, you can contact Luthra through his Instagram.
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