Filipino Mom Sees Daughter Working Alone at McDonald’s, Decides to Help Out

Filipino Mom Sees Daughter Working Alone at McDonald’s, Decides to Help OutFilipino Mom Sees Daughter Working Alone at McDonald’s, Decides to Help Out
A Filipino mother’s incredible gesture of love for her daughter, who was working alone at a McDonald’s outlet in the Philippines, is warming hearts on social media.
Facebook user Rubie Lyn Mendoza recently took to Facebook to share an incident involving her mother, Emelia, and her sister, Jann, a student who works part-time at a McDonald’s in Navotas.
In her post, Rubie Lyn shared that her family went to the restaurant where her sister was working in order to pay her a visit.
However, when they arrived, Jann told them that she was the only service crew member on duty tasked to do the clean-up. It was an unfortunate sight as there were a lot of customers that day.
After Rubie Lyn placed her order, she was shocked to see that her mother had started clearing the tables to help her sister.
“I have a working student sister then we decided to eat at the Mcdonald’s store in Navotas so we can visit her,” Rubie Lyn wrote partially in Filipino.
“Then, when we arrived, she told us she’s the only bus person on duty that day, although there are a lot of customers.  After placing our order, I was surprised to see mom clearing tables as well.”
Rubie Lyn also posted pictures of her sister working while her mom was cleaning up after diners were finished with their meals. The post, which earned thousands of shares and reactions, touched the hearts of many netizens who found the mother’s actions endearing. “Mothers are truly special ❤️ that’s one of the reasons why we love our mother so very much,” one commenter wrote.
Others criticized McDonald’s for having only one bus girl on shift that day. “Where are the other crew members?” one user asked. “What type of Mcdonald’s store is that if only one dining crew is available while there are too many customers?”
“Mcdo Navotas is embarrassing,” another lamented. “They don’t care about their employees. In case someone goes AWOL, they should have called other available crew members.” 
Meanwhile, some netizens pointed out the importance of cleaning up after themselves in fast food chains and restaurants. “That’s why every time we eat out, we clear our own tables and set the dishes aside to help the cleaners because discipline starts with ourselves,” said one commenter.
After the story went viral, Rubie Lyn took to Facebook once more to thank those who appreciated the post. She also shared how kind their mom is to her children, noting how proud their dad must be in heaven.
Featured image via Facebook / Rubie Lyn
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