‘Neat’ rock outfitted with googly eyes from Amazon sells for $13,000 at ‘EEAO’ auction

‘Neat’ rock outfitted with googly eyes from Amazon sells for $13,000 at ‘EEAO’ auction‘Neat’ rock outfitted with googly eyes from Amazon sells for $13,000 at ‘EEAO’ auction
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A24 auctioned off several iconic “Everything Everything All at Once” props and costumes and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to donate to charity in the process.
The New York-based film studio organized three different auctions themed after different aspects of its award-winning film.
Each auction had a charity tied to it: the In Another Life auction supported the Transgender Law Center; the Mementos from the Multiverse auction supported the Asian Mental Health Project; and the Laundry and Taxes auction supported the Laundry Workers Center.
Out of the 43 items auctioned off for a total of $559,475 on Thursday, the animatronic raccoon puppet used for the character Raccacoonie received the highest bid.
Five people bid on the iconic character. The eventual winner bid $90,000.
In “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” Raccacoonie serves as a nod to the beloved 2007 Pixar movie “Ratatouille” and controls actor Harry Shum Jr., who plays the character Chad.
Deirdre Beaubeirdre’s Auditor of the Month trophy received the second highest bid at $60,000, with eight people having attempted to own the interestingly shaped item.
Other notable objects that were auctioned off include Evelyn’s Hot Dog Hands ($55,000), Waymond’s Fanny Pack ($48,000) and the Rockverse Rock ($13,200).
The official Laundry Delivery RV of the Wang family was notably auctioned off for just $11,000. A24 wrote that the vehicle “needs new transmission, engine, tires and serious TLC on the interior” and is “currently not street legal.”
Commenting on the success of the recent auctions, Jason Kisvarday, the film’s production designer, was surprised by how many people supported the event.
There’s usually not a lot of demand or interest in these types of things after the movie comes out,” Kisvarday told The New York Times.
He also commented on the Rockverse Rock, saying, It’s not because it’s a rock, it’s because of how many people saw the rock, are excited about this rock, and it means something to them.”
The rock was one of 10 “neat and interesting” rocks purchased from a stone supplier in Pasadena, California, for the movie, according to Kisvarday. Its googly eyes were purchased from Amazon.
First announced in late February, all three auctions ran from Feb. 23 to March 2.
Head over to the A24 auction website for the full list of sold “Everything Everywhere All at Once” props and costumes.

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