‘Everything Everywhere’ cast and crew gather at Monterey Park following mass shooting

‘Everything Everywhere’ cast and crew gather at Monterey Park following mass shooting‘Everything Everywhere’ cast and crew gather at Monterey Park following mass shooting
Allyson Riggs via A24
The cast and crew of A24’s “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (“EEAAO”) gathered in Monterey Park, California, to show support for the local community following the mass shooting that took place right before Lunar New Year.
On the evening before receiving a total of 11 Oscar nominations, the “EEAAO” team gathered for dinner at Atlantic Seafood and Dim Sum on Monday night, a celebration that had been planned weeks in advance.
Although Saturday’s shooting left the predominantly Asian community devastated, the “EEAAO” cast and crew made it a point to support and uplift the community by showing up. 
Actors Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan, who both previously won Golden Globe Awards and earned their first Oscar nominations for their roles in “EEAAO,” spoke with the Los Angeles Times to express their grief over the tragedy that left at least 11 dead. 
“We started the night acknowledging what happened,” Quan said. “We had a moment of silence for the victims. We just wanted to show Monterey Park that we love them.”
“This last weekend was really, really tough,” Yeoh added. “Our hearts go out to the victims and their families in Monterey Park. It is heartbreaking. Moving forward, we have to help each other to heal.”
Following the Oscar nominations on Tuesday morning, Yeoh noted that “EEAAO” is about intergenerational healing and hopes that the film will offer a “beacon of light.”

We must hold hands, hold each other and have hope in our hearts that we can step forth and make things better. Hopefully this will be a little beacon of light, that we can collectively embrace each other and say, “Let us lift each other out of this grief and sadness.” We have to usher in hope, love and forgiveness.

Quan, who lived in Monterey Park for many years, urged people to show up for the community’s local businesses.  

It’s a place that I called home for a long time. I know the neighborhood well. I know the people, the community. I know a lot of the businesses. And I was struggling. I don’t even remember how much I’ve cried. But then I realized that we cannot cancel. This is not the time to stay away from Monterey Park. Instead we should go there and support them and show them our love. The local businesses need us.

The former child actor also expressed his sadness upon seeing the empty streets and businesses of Monterey Park. 

We walked into the restaurant, and it was empty. I’m so glad we went. We didn’t shy away from it. We didn’t cancel. We went there, we showed them our love, we supported the business, and I think that’s what people should do. That’s what I hope.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice Southern California, along with 14 partners, has organized a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe for the benefit of the victims. As of this writing, the fundraising campaign has raised over $631,000.
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