ENHYPEN release vampire-themed album ‘Dark Blood’

ENHYPEN release vampire-themed album ‘Dark Blood’ENHYPEN release vampire-themed album ‘Dark Blood’
K-pop boy group ENHYPEN have made a comeback after a 10-month hiatus with their latest vampire-themed album, “Dark Blood.”
“Dark Blood” features the title track “Bite Me,” with ENHYPEN member Heeseung directing the song’s vocal recording and fellow member Ni-ki contributing to the main choreography. The album includes five other songs: “Fate,” “Sacrifice (Eat Me Up),” “Chaconne,” “Bills” and “Karma.”
The release marks the end of the group’s longest break since their third EP, “Manifesto: Day 1,” which was released in July 2022. During that same year, the group released “Dimension: Answer,” a repackaged version of their October 2021 debut studio album “Dimension: Dilemma,” and were recognized at the inaugural The K- Billboard Awards with the hot rookie award.
ENHYPEN concluded their first world tour, “Manifesto,” in February. The tour included 22 shows in 13 cities across the U.S. and Asia.
The group’s live performance from the debut showcase of “Dark Blood” was also recently released on YouTube.

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