Elon Musk on Asian teen rejected by 16 colleges: ‘The left hates Asians’

Elon Musk on Asian teen rejected by 16 colleges: ‘The left hates Asians’Elon Musk on Asian teen rejected by 16 colleges: ‘The left hates Asians’
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Elon Musk alleges in a recent X post that the “left” harbors anti-Asian sentiments. 
Alleged Asian bias: The Tesla and SpaceX mogul voiced the assertion while responding to a tweet about an ABC7 News story about an Asian teen rejected by multiple colleges despite having impressive academic credentials. While the “left” can encompass a range of interpretations, it is frequently used to describe groups associated with the Democratic Party.
“It’s crazy that American universities can have officially racist policies but the victims are Asian kids so we all collectively shrug,” an X user named Daniel wrote in a tweet sharing the article.
“The left hates Asians,” Musk wrote in response. 
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What sparked the comment: The article highlighted the story of Stanley Zhong, an exceptional Bay Area high school graduate who, despite a 4.42 weighted GPA and a 1590 SAT score, was rejected by 16 out of 18 colleges he applied to. Zhong’s remarkable achievement of landing a software engineering job at Google without attending college raised questions about the fairness of the college admissions process, particularly concerning Asian students.
Mixed responses: Musk’s tweet ignited mixed reactions from X users. Some argue that colleges aim for a diverse student population and that the struggle for admission is not specific to Asians but affects any group with high-achieving individuals. 
“I don’t think the left hates Asians,” an X user wrote in response. “I think the colleges/universities are trying to achieve racial equality on the campuses, meaning having a diverse population where all races are represented equally. Although, I do think Asians who have worked hard all their lives, it’s troubling that they now, can’t get accepted into colleges because all the other Asians have also worked hard all their lives. So it’s like, you can’t take all the Asians, so which ones do you take?”
“Aren’t the more extreme conservatives the strongest proponents of Buy American though?” asked a user. “I thought that campaign was mostly directed at Asian companies?”
Others, however, contended that Musk’s claims reflect the left’s reluctance to acknowledge the role of hard work and individual effort in success, instead advocating for forced diversity.
“Asians – East & South Asians in particular – throw a wrench into the leftist worldview that all differences in group outcome are attributable to systematic bias,” a commenter said. “So rather than admit they’re wrong and update their priors, they just discriminate their way into forced diversity.”
“The elites from the Left dislike us,” lamented another user. “It’s very hard to get accepted to IVY League Schools. Even with a lot of money and having high SAT, GPA and other scores. This is wrong. And we are a tiny portion of the population too.”
Past comments on racial issues: In February, Musk accused the media of being racist after newspapers dropped the “Dilbert” comic strip. The strip’s creator, Scott Adams, was accused of making derogatory comments against Black Americans. 
According to Musk, the media has a long history of racism, including against whites and Asians, prompting him to suggest that they “try not being racist.”
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